Lobster Trays

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Interlocking holding trays 

Each plastic holding tray consists of 22 compartments designed to keep your lobster in good condition and safe during storage and transportation.

These trays can hold up to 66 kgs of lobster for up to 6 months without loss of body weight*.

The trays are designed to be stacked as as this picture. They are able to be stacked up to ten (10) high.

The complete vivier holding system, pump and sump tray can be seen here.

Stacked Trays
Lobster shellfish trays

Shuttered compartments

Each tray is fronted with a durable flip up screen, so that stock can be inspected easily, and introduced and retrieved quickly with minimal risk to the stock or handler.



Self draining compartments:

In case of pump failure, each compartment is self draining, enabling stock to survive longer.

The compartment trays require a separate simple water pump and cooling system to function as a vivier system. We are able to provide these pumps and cooling systems.

Please call us if you have any questions or require any advice about these lobster or shellfish vivier systems.

Download Overview and Technical Datasheet


Lobster trays

Supply prices: 22 compartment trays from £300 per tray, Circulation Pumps, Sump tray and Coolers POA (All prices ex VAT)

* Requires access to sea water for regular water change or biofilters.

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Last modified: 20 July, 2015